Mesopotamian Mud: A Journey through Voice and Vessel

Audio Walk (listen here…)

*This latest remix of our audio walk was composed and created by William Crosby.

Listening suggestions

We invite you to listen as you walk, as if attending to a series of narrations and performances which ebb and flow. It is best to listen with head phones even if you are not walking.

If you are unable to walk you might make yourself comfortable and close your eyes or glance through the gallery of photos while you listen. Perhaps imagine yourself walking.

You may wish to hold or imagine holding a piece of wet earth or clay, a clay vessel or fragment of a pot.

Listen with your whole body whilst you tread on the earth in your own story. Take your walk wherever you choose. The audio will include sections in both English and Arabic. You may become aware of many layers of stories, senses and sounds as you walk or imagine walking.

Video Work (watch here…)