MUD Collective

We are a Geology-Art-Sound research collective based in Iraq, France and the UK. Between us we are currently exploring ‘thinking through mud’ in consideration of shifting ideas around human and more-than-human, organic and inorganic, intra-action.

Dr Nawrast Sabah Abd Alwahab – Sedimentologist/Artist/Researcher/ Lecturer, College of Science, University of Basrah.

“My current research is focused on the stratigraphy and climate change record of the Mesopotamian marshland and certain archaeological sites, during the Quaternary Period, with a special interest in moving beyond specific scientific paradigms to philosophical enquiry.”

Sally Stenton – Artist/Researcher/MRes, Royal College of Art.

“I create work that connects with the senses, bringing the body into conversation with the earth, exploring traces through time, often catching people unawares and interrupting familiar journeys. In my work digital media jostle with tactile materials and bodies, so that the work can take a variety of forms including writing, walking, moving image, voice, site-specific installation, and participatory performance.”

Shaima Al-sitrawi – Artist/Musician/Teacher based in the South of France.

“This work is a reflection of the thoughts and memories which I have been living with most of my adult life after living through war in Iraq in 1990 and coming to the UK seeking asylum with my family as a teenager. Iraq never left my mind and my only way of expressing this past is through art. Drawing, writing and singing, provide ways for me to visit my memories of Iraq. Taking part in this mud project made me realise how much I am connected to the Iraqi soil and earth, how the sense of homeland is so important to me and to my existence. Mud contains roots of things and so I am connected to my roots through Iraqi mud.”

Sarah Strachan – Artist/Marketer/Researcher, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.

“I am interested in how our perception of being in, knowing and belonging to the world affects our ecological awareness and thinking. In my multi-disciplinary practice I approach environmental changes through research, collaboration and deep connections with the land, its people and its materials.”

Kelcy Davenport – Artist/Researcher/Lecturer, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.

“Through arts research I am engaging in this rethinking of the political in terms of the geosphere-biosphere and realising the potentiality of contemporary art as naturally transdisciplinary and proto-politically affective.

William Crosby – Artist/Musician/Researcher/Lecturer, University of the Arts, London and Anglia Ruskin University.

“My work considers the organic interactivity of things, as made perceptible and appreciated through sound. I primarily use field recording, improvisation, and writing as sites of potential encounter, alongside ideas of kin-making and resistance as building blocks towards a situated listening practice.”