With special thanks to William Crosby for audio editing and sound mixing.

-Audio walk arrangement by Sally Stenton and Kelcy Davenport.

-Humming – by Shaima Al-sitrawi.

I Am Mud – written and performed by Shaima Al-sitrawi.

We Are All Clay – written and performed by Shaima Al-sitrawi.

If Mud Made Me – original text by Sally Stenton.

Four Intersecting Stories (excerpts taken from ROAR). Written and narrated by Kelcy, Nawrast, Sally, Sarah and Shaima.

-Our vessel, ‘the enchanted pot’ was made by Sarah Strachan.

-Potting sounds recorded by Sarah Strachan.

-Conversation about mud and paint, Shaima with Ashley and Dunya Al-sitrawi Inglis.

With thanks to:

-Abu Haidar for permission to dig.

-Falah for the introduction to Abu Haidar and for operating the crane.

Professor Charly French at the Charles McBurney Laboratory for Geoarchaeology and the British Institute for the Study of Iraq for support via the Visiting Scholar programme.

-Matt Riley at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences in Cambridge.

BBC Sound Effects for free audio samples.